Nexon, Socialspiel Announce Legacy Quest for iOS, Android

The dungeon crawler will see players collecting loot as they manage heroes through increasingly challenging environments.

Legacy QuestNexon and development partner Socialspiel Entertainment have announced the development of Legacy Quest for iOS and Android devices. The game is described as a “roguelike dungeon-crawling action RPG,” which will see players taking control of customizable heroes as they explore dungeons while fighting monsters and collecting loot.

As a “rougelike” title, Legacy Quest will give gamers a new experience each time they play. When a hero dies, the death is permanent, but every monster the hero managed to kill, and every soul the player collected, will give users the ability to unlock new traits for the next hero in their bloodline. As players progress, they’ll face off against increasingly challenging monsters and will explore ever-changing dungeons in a universe inspired by classic 8-bit RPGs of previous gaming generations.

Legacy Quest will offer a crafting and customization system, allowing players to create, customize and upgrade their hero’s weapons. When a hero dies in battle, their custom gear is added back to the game, where it can be discovered by other players as they complete their own dungeons and defeat waves of monsters.

For social features, Legacy Quest players will be able to trade weapons and armor with their friends, join guilds to work together to complete challenges, and compete in player-vs-environment dungeons to earn a spot on the game’s leaderboards.

In a statement, Mike Borras, CEO of Socialspiel, commented on the game:

Every time a player takes their hero into a dungeon in Legacy Quest they’re creating their own personal journey that will quite literally echo throughout every other player’s game experience in the form of epic loot. But it’s not entirely about collecting loot; we’re going to ensure that players are met with an awesome feeling of accomplishment in Legacy Quest as they battle their way through hordes of monsters while sharing that adventure with friends.

Legacy Quest is expected to release this summer on iOS and Android devices.