Nexage Releases Premium Monetization Solution to Mobile App Developers

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Mobile advertising exchange Nexage has announced the availability of its premium monetization solution for all mobile app developers. Mobile developers, says Nexage, face the same challenges publishers do in making money, keeping their users engaged, and managing their brands, and as a result, they deserve access to the same kinds of tools.

“The reality is that today’s app developers are building sophisticated businesses that resemble those traditionally thought of as ‘premium’,” says Ernie Cormier, CEO and president of Nexage. “It is not simply about making money at any cost. Developers must also ensure that poor ad quality doesn’t degrade app-store rankings, drive users away or drive them to an inactive state. We strongly believe that today’s developers deserve more than basic monetization solutions. They need a premium solution to compete and win in the market.”

Nexage’s premium monetization solution offers a variety of tools and services for developers.

— The strength of 225+ buyers globally, including DSPs, ad networks and agency trading desks that are increasingly driving brand spend into the app developer space

— The most advanced marketplace, the Nexage Marketplace, which brings the combined power of programmatic, RTB and mediation and the most reliable and scalable platform in mobile advertising

— Yield optimization algorithms that optimize the Nexage RTB exchange, Nexage sourced ad networks and developers’ direct ad network relationships

— Nexage Protect, the most advanced solution available that provides rigorous ad quality controls and protects developers from bad ads

— Nexage Ad Server, which is newly enhanced to provide full control over direct-sold and house campaigns

— Nexage’s updated SDK suite and SourceKits that fully support rich media, video and native ad formats

Nexage’s solution has been adopted by multiple well-known publishers, including Rovio, Pinger and Univision Interactive Media.

“Nexage provides us a best-in-class monetization solution that has been critical in reaching and exceeding our revenue goals through our flagship messaging app Textfree,” added Olivier Rozay, vice president of business development and monetization at Pinger. “Nexage has brought us a strong roster of buyers — both programmatic buyers and ad networks — along with rigorous ad quality controls all built on first-class technology.”

More information is available on Nexage’s website.