Newt’s Attack the Moderator Tactic: Is it Getting Abusive, or is he Just Getting Warmed Up?

WaPo has an interesting examination of GOP Presidential hopeful Newt Gingrich and his incessant ragging on debate moderators. Is this a good strategy or not? WaPo‘s Aaron Blake declares yes, it is, but it may create backlash for the weighty, mouthy, big-headed candidate with politician-white hair. He writes, “the tactic is both juicy red meat for conservatives who distrust the mainstream media and tiresome to journalists who see Gingrich as picking on them for cheap political gain.”

An excerpt: Gingrich is good vessel for these voters because he’s always been known as the smartest guy in the room. By incredulously ragging on the debate moderator, he’s essentially saying, ‘I’m better than this debate, so I’ll make my own rules.’ …There are, however, a few ways this attack-the-media strategy could go badly for Gingrich. One, the moderators could simply stop asking him (as many) questions, not wanting to take the abuse. As we’ve seen many times, candidates will often complain about not getting enough questions, and not all debates aim for equal time for each candidate. Without receiving questions, Gingrich could be relegated to an afterthought at these debates, which are, after all, his lifeline at this point to a credible candidacy.

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