Newsweek/The Daily Beast Makes Miller Official

(Via The Texas Tribune)

Among the upheaval at Newsweek/The Daily Beast yesterday, it was rumored that Mark Miller, a one time veteran of the magazine, was going to return. That rumor is now fact. Adweek reports that Miller is returning to the magazine, taking the place of Edward Felsenthal as the Director of Editorial Operations. Much like Felsenthal did while he was there, Miller will be the right hand man to Tina Brown.

Miller worked for Newsweek from 1985 until last year, when he left and became Editor-in-Chief at The Texas Tribune. Here is a snippet from one of the paper’s blogs, announcing the news that Miller was leaving:

Mark did yeoman’s work — that was evident to us from day one, and apparently not only to us, because many of his old compatriots in New York spent the better part of the last year trying to lure him back. Finally one did: Tina Brown, who merged her Daily Beast website with the remnants of Newsweek not long after Mark exited the building. She recently offered him, and he accepted, the chance to be the director of editorial operations for ‘NewsBeast,’ as the combined entity is jokingly known. Turns out he missed the big city. Tina’s gain, our loss. Yours, too.

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