Newsweeklies Capitalize on Obamacare Decision

'Time' produces special issue; 'Newsweek' sticks with Web

The media blitz surrounding yesterday’s Supreme Court Obamacare decision is far from over—especially among the weekly news magazines. Time is producing a special issue focusing on the health care decision, which hits newsstands Monday, July 2, replacing the regularly scheduled issue, which has an Egypt cover. (It’ll be available on tablets beginning on Saturday, June 30.) The cover features a photograph of Chief Justice John Roberts and a cover story by David Von Drehle, “Roberts Rules: What His Landmark Decision Means for Obama, Romney, the Court—And You.”

Newsweek is currently running a double issue (cover story: “The 100 Most Powerful Digital Disruptors”) so the magazine won’t release a new issue this coming week. Its coverage has been limited to the Web, where the Daily Beast ran its first live edition of Beast TV to discuss the SCOTUS decision.

The New Yorker is planning a healthcare-themed cover for the issue that goes on sale July 2. The cover, titled “In Good Health,” and illustrated by Bob Staake, features an image of President Obama as a doctor. New Yorker (and CNN) legal analyst Jeff Toobin wrote a Comment for the issue.

Bloomberg Businessweek will cover the topic in its issue that goes on sale July 6.

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