Newsweek Teams Up With In Content Deal

Up-for-sale magazine Newsweek has inked a deal with financial news site (Disclosure: Your editor used to work for TheStreet) to share content, the publications announced today. and sister site MainStreet will provide stories to Similarly, Newsweek content will appear at TheStreet and MainStreet. Shared stories will include annotations and links back to the originating sites. Content from TheStreet and MainStreet will also appear in the print version of Newsweek.

“We view our agreement with TheStreet as an opportunity to share quality branded content that rounds out Newsweek’s coverage of the business/finance industries with some of the best reporting for readers with an interest in breaking business news, personal finance and the markets,” said Newsweek CEO Tom Ascheim in a statement. “TheStreet readers will benefit from Newsweek’s highly-regarded reporting and analysis on national affairs, the business community and the economy.”
Folio: reports that there’s also a revenue-sharing component to the deal, but “a representative said they are not disclosing the details.”