Newsweek Taps Devin Gordon to Edit Web Site

Newsweek has tapped Devin Gordon as the new editor of its Web site, replacing Will Tacy, who left after just six months in the job.

Tacy left shortly after the newsweekly relaunched its Web site with a greater emphasis on aggregation, blogs and graphic-heavy features designed to keep visitors glued to the site longer. Around the same time, Newsweek issued a new look for its print edition as it prepares to chop its rate base to 1.5 million in January 2010 from 2.6 million.

Gordon handled the high-profile, front-of-book Scope section of the magazine. Bret Begun was named to replace him.

Geoff Reiss, vp, general manager of Newsweek Digital, said that while “there were issues as to how good a fit we were for Will,” he saw in Gordon a knack for storytelling that Reiss hopes to bring to the Web site.

“Devin has an ability to take the high-road treatment to low-culture kind of things, which is very appealing to me,” he said.

Meanwhile, continues to tweak its presentation, starting with changes to the Scope section in the next couple weeks and after that, the main story page.