Newsweek Reduces Losses by Cutting Back Issues

There’s more than one way to try get a magazine to stop hemorrhaging money, and Newsweek is trying all of them. The latest method? Cutting back on the number of issues it publishes.

According to The New York Post, Newsweek is going dark for four weeks this summer:

The original editorial calendar showed only one dark week, surrounding the July 4th weekend. Staffers now have been told that they will not have to work the week of July 18-22 since no issue will appear on July 25. They also can spend a little extra time at the beach the week of Aug. 15-19, since there will now be no issue on Aug. 22.

It’s a good idea, especially when Publisher Ray Chelstowskisays that Newsweek seeing ad pages decline by 23 percent is “another indicator that our business is moving in the right direction.”

Hmm… Maybe they should try five weeks?

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