Newsweek, Paris Get Serious

parishilton101507.jpgNewsweek‘s redesign bucks the trend, choosing to pursue more in-depth articles — “We think you will make the time to read pieces that repay the effort,” Jon Meacham says in his Editor’s Desk column — instead of short newsy blurbs mimicking the Web. What better way to kick in the new era than with an article about…Paris Hilton?

The heiress is turning a new leaf. She’s cut her hair, moved to a gated community and changed her phone number. Now, the new-look Paris is a “serious actress. Serious philanthropist — next month she’s going on a charity mission to Rwanda. Just plain serious.”

Of course, the “serious actress” is still followed around at all times by a camera she hired.

Hilton wants to use that footage to make a film about herself. “I love having everything documented,” she says. “It shows people what everyday life is like for me, how hard I work. There are a lot of misconceptions about me.”

There’s also talk of her charity trip to Rwanda serving as the basis for a new reality show called The Philanthropist, featuring do-gooder celebs “who rescue the world’s poor.”

The article is currently the No. 1 most viewed story on the site. There might be something to this new Newsweek after all.