Newsweek: Now it belongs to everybody

One week later, and the furor over a certain mono-sourced Newsweek item has died down (somewhat), giving way to endless discussion and punditry on what the ensuing firestorm meant for anonymous sourcing, media accountability, White House heavy-handedness, Plamegate, and the ever-enduring, ever-escalating media battle between the right and the left. In a random sampling of relevant (or, depending whether you’re on the right or the left, irrelevant) media, we bring you the following recap:

The NYT notes that the “big news media” is jumping on the limit-anonymous-sourcing bandwagon, invoking White House press secretary Scott McClellan with nary a mention of the subsequent backlash against White House pressure on the media (the story actually quotes him from TUESDAY, no less, unforgivably glossing over the challenges to his comments after almost a week of fallout). Frank Rich doesn’t let it slide, though, suggesting that “the administration’s overkill of Newsweek may focus greater public attention on just how much it is using press-bashing to deflect attention from the fictions spun by its own propaganda machine.”

Our second-cousin-twice-removed at FishbowlDC calls our attention to a Howie Kurtz WaPo article pitting left against right, while Time tempts karma with its own take on the matter. And, of course, the cartoonists had a field day (toilet + copy of Newsweek = many cartoons plus one classy NYPost cover).

Meanwhile, in this week’s issue Newsweek published what it no doubt hopes will be the last word in apology, retraction, contrition and absolution in a letter from Chairman and Editor-in-Chief Richard M. Smith.

And then, of course, there are the blogs (but this one is off the case, unless something new comes up. We’ve got other fishies to fry.)