Newsweek Makes International Hire

Richard Addis named editor in chief, EMEA

Newsweek has hired Richard Addis to head up its overseas coverage as it gets ready to resurrect its print edition as a slick, upmarket weekly this week.

Addis, the former editor of Canada’s Globe and Mail and London’s Daily Express, started today as editor in chief of Newsweek EMEA, covering Europe, the Middle East and Africa.

The title is different, but Addis will fill a role similar to those held by Tunku Varadarajan and Fareed Zakaria before him. Newsweek editor in chief Jim Impoco said Addis, who has an “extraordinary range,” would be overseeing Newsweek’s forthcoming print edition for EMEA as well as its digital coverage for the region.

Newsweek was hobbled by a series of ownership changes, changes in editorial direction, layoffs and a move to digital only when IBT Media, a little-known digital publisher, bought it last August. But Impoco has breathed new life into it, taking it back to its serious reporting roots and bringing on big names like Kurt Eichenwald, Matthew Cooper and Bill Powell.

The revived print edition isn't expected to reach the levels of Newsweek of days past, when its circulation topped 3 million. Rather, it's shooting for a modest circulation of 100,000, supported mostly by consumer revenue.