A Different Kind of Year for Film Critic David Ansen

A year ago, David Ansen’s Newsweek checks were being issued on the east coast. Twelve months later, his fleeting publication has been consumed by The Daily Beast and he is doubling as artistic director of the Los Angeles Film Festival.

Which makes for an unusually interesting Best Movies of 2010 preface. Ansen notes that because of his new LAFF post, he saw more movies this year than ever before and traveled far beyond the usual mainstream pale of publicist sponsored screening rooms.

Writes Ansen:

Unless you were in the privileged position to see movies at film festivals around the world, you’d have no idea how many good movies never see the light of day in U.S. theaters.

Distributors are running scared, and loath to take chances on foreign films, documentaries or independent films that, without massive marketing campaigns behind them, routinely get lost in the fog of our mass-media culture.

Reflecting his new professional regimen, Ansen’s Top Ten list pegs UK coming-of-age film Fish Tank at #3 and Czech drama Kawasaki’s Rose at #9.