Newsweek for iPad Average Customer Rating Rose Since It Began Offering In-app Subscriptions at Low Prices

Despite plummeting iPad e-magazine sales, all is not lost for magazines (yet). There are a few rays of hope. Newsweek, for example, has offered in-app subscription purchases since October 28. A 12 week subscription costs $10 which a 24 week subscription is $15. This works out to 83 cents and 62.6 cents per issue, respectively. Even their single issue in-app purchase price is a more reasonable $3 (compared to $5 for other e-magazines).

Newsweek for iPad’s average rating has risen from 1.5-stars to 2.5-stars since the subscription became available. And, there are a number of very positive comments in the app’s product page commenting on the change along with 4 or 5 star ratings.

Newsweek for iPad 2.0

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