Newsstand Arrives at Google Play For Your Reading Pleasure

Google introduced “Newsstand” this week, combining an Android user’s paid newspaper and magazine subscriptions with Zite-like reading recommendations into one app.

The app displays the newspapers and magazines you subscribe to, as well as any online news sites or blogs that you opt to follow, but it also delivers recommended reading based on an individual’s past activity. Newsstand also lets the user explore news by subject, such as food & drink or business.

The Google Play Newsstand app replaces the previous Google Currents and Google Play Magazine. Existing subscriptions for Currents users were automatically transferred to Newsstand, the company said.

One Newsstand launch publisher partner praised the new format.

“Our launch on Google Newsstand is an important development, providing a new avenue for the more than one billion Android users worldwide to access the FT,” Rob Grimshaw, managing director, said in a statement. “We are delighted to be able to offer seamless signup through the app while maintaining our direct relationship with customers.”