Aaron Sorkin Writers-Firing Story Turns Into Unholy TCA, Twitter Mess

Yesterday at the TCA, The Newsroom writer-creator Aaron Sorkin hung a reporter out to dry. In a fashion so shocking it probably merits serious consideration as a Season Two subplot.

From Washington Post TV writer Lisa de Moraes’ account of the Beverly Hilton HBO proceedings:

Sorkin took a moment to tell the critics that (a) the writing staff on the show had not been fired; and (b) he had not kept on staff an ex-girlfriend — two elements of a story that had been reported somewhere and picked up everywhere, maybe even by some of those in the room.

“Seeing that in print is scaring the hell out of the writing staff,” Sorkin said. “They’re acting very strange. They’re coming to work early, being polite to me, and I want the old gang back. I love the writing staff.”

Sorkin also said that the female employee in question, Corinne Kingsbury, is not an ex-girlfriend. Sorkin said Kingsbury is on the writing staff because she’s extremely talented — and he noted that he doesn’t have a current girlfriend or ex-girlfriend employed anywhere on the show.

The source item so casually referenced by de Moraes was published July 19 on The Daily. It was written by Soo Youn, an LA based journalist now caught in the Twitter crossfire thanks to Sorkin’s comments and, quite frankly, our update tweet last night that included her Twitter handle. She is standing by her original item:

Youn also points out that a separate story in The Hollywood Reporter by Lesley Goldberg and Lacey Rose (published the same day) confirmed some of the disputed details, through a different unnamed source. In the same article, HBO said half the the writing staff was not being renewed.

This sudden battle of Sorkin vs. three different sources (two at The Daily, one at THR) brings to mind a couple of very obvious questions. We’re in the process of trying to get the right person at HBO to answer, and if that pans out, we will update here or post a separate follow-up item.

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