Newspapers Run Into Messy Design Trouble Online


By way of Andy Rutledge (who, by the way, has a great personal piece up right now on his site about turning down clients), we were pointed to Publishing 2.0‘s interesting story “What Newspapers Still Don’t Understand About the Web.” It focuses on the issues some newspapers are still dealing with in design, or rather, information architecture. Scott Karp, the writer of the piece, decides to focus on a scenario he ran into when the power went out in his DC office. He eventually found a cornucopia of information on the Washington Post‘s site, but only after having to dig around and navigate blindly through miscellaneous pages. So while the information was all readily there and was more than he could ever want, the tasks involved in getting there were frustrating and poorly planned. It’s a really great example of something sure to be super familiar to nearly everyone, and a problem that needs working out, should newspapers want to stop getting beaten up around the web.