Newspapers on YouTube: Around the world

After American newspapers that are using YouTube were organized into an interactive map and table, readers in other countries wondered when information for their area would become available. Recently, two more maps have been created to visualize traditional newspapers using YouTube.

Andy Dickinson has mapped UK newspapers using the video social network, powered by Yahoo! Pipes. Blogger Cristoph Schmitz has created a similar map for Norwegian newspapers, both of which are absolutely worth checking out.

UPDATE: Blogger Alexandre Gamela has put together a map of Portuguese newspapers using YouTube. Gamela found that out of 173 newspaper websites, only 19 use video and just seven have YouTube channels. The others rely on Portuguese video social network SapoVideos to host their work. Also, check out this list of Polish newspapers on YouTube (English translation).

Those living in countries who do not have an available map of their local newspapers’ use of YouTube are encouraged to put together one of their own and share the link either in the comments, or by sending an email to Here are two tutorials to get you started: How to create a Google Map in about 30 minutes, 5 Ways to create a Google Map in minutes. Good luck!