Newspaper Woes Not Limited To English-Speaking Countries

As if you needed another reminder!
After we posted our item about thousands of jobs on the chopping block at the BBC, we received a tip that newspapers in Paris, France, aren’t doing that well either.

Not that this should come as a surprise.

The tabloid France Soir will be shuttering its print edition in December, reports the Calgary Herald (one of the few english-language newspapers that is reporting on French media news), as will the financial daily La Tribune. If France Soir does close, the 116-person staff will be reduced by 89.

Workers there voted on Monday to strike to protest the closure.

“The employees of France Soir reject the planned rapid disappearance of the title accompanied by a large number of redundancies,” a statement by the employees (obtained by online news site The Local) read.

Le Monde, one of (you might say “the”) France’s paper of record, has also been going through labor disputes: workers have been striking there to protest the paper’s plan to lay off 150 of its 240 employees at its print plant.

Speak French? Have more details? Want to tell us about how terrible it is for journos in some other foreign country? Have at in the comments section.