The Most Tweeted Newspaper Article In 2013

The Most Tweeted Newspaper Article In 2013

Research by Searchmetrics has identified which U.S. newspapers are the most popular on Twitter, based on how many tweets their stories garner.

The results might surprise you.

According to Searchmetrics’ data, the Washington Post comes in at the top spot, driving an average 275,193 tweets per week, followed by the New York Times with 261,422 tweets per week and USA Today (149,960 tweets per week).

You might think the New York Times would dominate, seeing as it has 10.6 million Twitter followers to the Post’s 2.4 million. But apparently the Post has the whole clickable Twitter headline thing down.

Here’s the top 10 most tweeted U.S. newspaper sites:

1. Washington Post: 275,193 tweets driven per week
2. New York Times: 261,422 tweets driven per week
3. USA Today: 149,960 tweets driven per week
4. Wall Street Journal: 134,248 tweets driven per week
5. Los Angeles Times: 118,911 tweets driven per week
6. New York Daily News: 51,877 tweets driven per week
7. Chicago Tribune: 17,777 tweets driven per week
8. New York Post: 13,532 tweets driven per week
9. Denver Post: 8,887 tweets driven per week
10. Chicago Sun-Times: 4,982 tweets driven per week

As far as the most tweeted individual articles in 2013, a USA Today news article – tweeted 408,816 times – took the top position. The news piece, which included a video report, discussed the shooting of the Texas gunman thought to be tied to the shootings of a Colorado prison chief and pizza delivery driver.

The second most tweeted story was a Washington Post article about the findings of an investigation into the life of Adam Lanza, the gunman who shot 26 people at an elementary school in Newtown, Connecticut; it was accompanied by a video of a speech by President Obama discussing the upcoming Senate vote on gun control legislation.

Check out the top 10 most tweeted newspaper articles in 2013 on Searchmetrics.

(Source: Searchmetrics. Newspapers image via Shutterstock.)