Newspaper Website Audiences Up 20 Percent in Past Year

Online advertising increases too

Newspaper publishers seem to be doing something right when it comes to their digital presences. According to the Newspaper Association of America, traffic to newspaper websites has increased 20 percent in the past year. And there’s more good news where that came from.

The NAA’s first year-over-year analysis, in partnership with ComScore, found that average daily visits to newspaper sites were up 21 percent, total pages viewed increased 10 percent, total minutes spent were up 11 percent, and unique visitors were up 9 percent since September 2010.

In the third quarter of 2011, newspaper websites had an average monthly audience of 110.4 million unique visitors over age 18, which makes up almost two-thirds (or 64 percent) of all adult Internet users, according to the NAA.

“This strong audience growth coincided with the introduction of paywalls at many newspaper companies,” NAA president and CEO Caroline Little said in a press release. “Clearly, consumers place high value upon the content that newspapers create — and they are seeking out newspaper websites to get it. Not only do online platforms deliver reach and engagement, they also attract the demographics that advertisers want, which bodes well for the continued growth of this revenue stream.”

Meanwhile, the NAA’s second-quarter figures showed that online advertising had also seen positive growth, increasing 8 percent from the previous year. Web advertising also made up 14 percent of all newspaper advertising dollars through the first half of 2011, up from 12 percent for the same period in 2010.

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