Newspaper Seeks Geek For Long-Term Relationship; No Free Soda

News organizations that are finally realizing how important it is to have talented developers to build cool things for their websites are suddenly all participating in a “talent grab,” reports Betabeat. Among those hiring hackers are the Washington Post, the Boston Globe, the Chicago Tribune, the NYT, AP, WSJ, Newsweek and the New York Observer.


Oh, and every job on this spreadsheet. Bear in mind that these are highly technical positions and that the newsrooms are likely going to find a hacker who can learn journalism rather than a journalist who can be taught how to hack.

So some of the listings, meant to entice these folks away from fast-paced startups or prestigious web operations like Google, are kind of funny.

Betabeat notes that the Chicago Tribune’s ad admits: “There is no free pop, pinball or posh cafeteria.” But, you’ll get: “One shiny, new MacBook Pro (or an iMac, if you’d prefer)… One CDM (Cheap Dell Monitor)… One comfy Aeron chair …all at a desk somewhere in the Tribune newsroom, where you’ll be surrounded by reporters arguing with the cops, yelling about the ball game, telling crazy stories, and otherwise practicing their trade….Beat that, Google.”


The NYT’s ad, probably riffing off the heatocalypse, says “We offer competitive pay, air-conditioning and lots of fun work.”

The Post’s ad for a news app designer (now expired) lists “the ability to high five” as one of the qualifications.

Free soda and all the other perks that come with a tech job, or none of those perks at a possibly bankrupt company in a dying industry? It’s gonna be a tough sell.