Newspaper Guild Contacting Journos Named by MSNBC


The Newspaper Guild has been emailing those journalists outed by as having donated money to political campaigns–even non-members. Even non-members who donated to something other than

Hi Redacted,

I’m an organizer with The Newspaper Guild and I was particularly interested in the LAT ethics policy directives you cited in the story. Company ethics policies are mandatory subjects of bargaining in union contracts.

As individuals, Guild members are all over the place on the ethics of journalists’ involvement in public advocacy. But among the principles promoted in the Guild’s Ethics Policy (approved by members at the TNG 2006 Convention and available for viewing at is: “Those responsible for gathering and presenting the news retain their rights to private lives free of restriction, provided there is no actual conflict with their ability to be trusted sources of information.”

The Guild would aggressively support your right to contribute your time and/or money to causes important to you regardless of your political persuasion.

Lesley Phillips

So let’s ponder this for a moment. Has the Guild wondered just how non-union workers have enough spare cash to fritter away on politicos? If these writers have that kind of money, why–they could be paying union dues!

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