Newspaper Guarantee: Ads Will Increase Sales by 10% or It’s On Us

Think your ad job is stressful? Well look at this new sales pitch the Newspaper National Network has decided to use for new clients.

It will begin guaranteeing 10 percent increases in sales volume after a new series of ads runs. There are a lot of caveats, but essentially spam.jpgif a client wants to try newspaper ad spending for the first time and commits to at least $300,000 then the paper group will guarantee a 10 percent sales increase. If the product, which has to be a packaged good, doesn’t see a 10-point jump, then the last ad in the series is on the house. As in, if the ad fails, then the last ad will be gratis.

The offer will be limited to five marketers across the group’s 170 newspapers at first. Of course the Newspaper National Network, which is owned by 25 national publishers and the Newspaper Association of America, did some background tests. According to the New York Times, of the eight goods it experimented with, all of them saw increases of sales, with a range from 7 percent to 25 percent increases. The average stood at 16 percent.

So maybe not as a precarious of a pitch as originally thought. Still now the newspaper ad folks need not just worry about their own ad sales, but the sales of the paying customer as well? Looks like everyone at the paper is doing more these days.

Photo by jbcurio