Newspaper Circulation Report Shows New York Times’ Growth

The ABC’s annual newspaper circulation report is out today, and the big winner was The New York Times. Though USA Today remains the most widely circulated print daily at 1,701,777, the Times has the most widely read digital edition with 807,026 subscribers, and its overall circulation jumped 73 percent from last year. It is also took the top spot for Sunday papers, with 2,003,247 subscribers.

Depsite the Times’ increase, The Wall Street Journal is atop the heap of daily papers, with a total circulation of 2,118,315. Of the big boys, The Washington Post had the roughest year; it saw an almost eight percent drop in its total circulation.

The top five daily newspapers, sorted by total circulation:

  1. WSJ – 2,118,315
  2. USA Today – 1,817,446
  3. The New York Times – 1,585,757
  4. The Los Angeles Times – 616,575
  5. The New York Daily News – 579,636