Newsletter News: Online/Email Up, Print Down

Not that these numbers should shock anyone, but over the past five years, the number of online and email newsletters skyrocketed from 1,053 to 6,055, while the total of print-only newsletters dropped 43%, to 4,180 from 7,395, according to the Oxbridge Directory of Newsletters.

Newsletters in both print and electronic formats fell only slightly, to 4,859 from 4,949, Oxbridge said.

The trend was the same over the past 12 months, with online and email newsletters reaching the previously stated figure from 5,485, and print-only dropping to the previously stated figure from 4,873.

The top categories, according to Oxbridge: legal (1,212); computers and automation (1,039); investment (930); medicine (801); health and fitness (530); and education (406).

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