Newsflash: Rest Of World Catches Up To Media: Suddenly Everyone’s A Contractor

Career counselors are saying they see an increasing number of workers in all industries piecing together a living through multiple part-time or contract jobs, reports the Daily Camera. This is nothing new for media types, who are used to picking up a little work writing here, a speaking gig there, and a book deal every now and then. But, turns out that the economy is causing people who have full-time jobs to pick up extra work when they can, and that part-timers of all stripes are expanding their options by hanging on to multiple jobs. And now there’s a term for it: Giganomics.

Lindsay Polak works full-time as a marketing and PR professional at Colorado University’s College Of Music. She also works part-time at a rehearsal studio, and runs her own business in marketing and design.

“When you graduate, you don’t always know what you’re going to do,” Polak told the Daily Camera. “For me, it’s interesting and fun,” she said. “It’s about personal development.”

Meanwhile, a Colorado lawyer also writes for the local Examiner and is trying to design the world’s best coffee cup.

Basically, nothing’s changed for us media folk, except now there’s a new dumb term to define what we do.