Newseum Celebrates Woodstock: The Rise of Music Journalism

WOOD090723_md.jpgFrom August 1st to October 31, 2009, the Newseum will celebrate the 40th anniversary of the 1969 Woodstock Music and Art Fair with “Woodstock at 40: The Rise of Music Journalism.”

The exhibition features rarely seen images from a trio of photojournalists, Woodstock memorabilia and artifacts. In addition to a camera, press passes and notes from the featured photographers, the exhibition features items from Woodstock concert promoter Michael Lang such as a working list of the artists who performed and how much each act was paid.

The exhibition also features rarely seen images taken by reporter Dan Garson who, as a 17-year-old journalist for his high school newspaper in Connecticut, wrote the festival organizers for a press pass. To his astonishment, he got one. Garson captured more than 300 photographs, only four of which were ever published. The rest were forgotten in his parents’ basement.

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