Newsers Tweet from Haiti

With so many television journalists in Haiti, it’s no surprise that many of them are updating viewers with tweets about their experiences on the ground. (Update: TVNewser has a twitter list of everyone in Haiti here.) Here’s a selection from last evening and this morning:


• Sleeping in an Air Canada luggage container tonight. In Haiti tonight, that’s lucky.

• Today we felt more aftershocks in Port au Prince. This place is the definition of chaos.


• In the DR,enroute 2Haiti bracing myself for what we’re about to witness. very hard 2 separate yourself from other peoples pain & suffering


• still no electricity/cell service. tweeting with the help of satellites and generators. gunshots close to our location, but we are safe.

• what i have seen here in #haiti, i have never seen before. while i hate to say this, it seems somewhat hopeless. bodies still in the streets


• slept outside on a luggage conveyor at the port au prince airport. now up and getting ready to go on @gma.

• it’s unmitigated misery out there in port au prince tonight. but i will say, there is no air of menace. people friendly and open.


• The stench is overwhelming

• Mass exodus out of Nazon district. Women walking out carrying all their possessions atop their heads

• Dead bodies everywhere. Saw a little kid covered in a sheet. Just imtvwd a guy burying his dead mom


• Haitians singing and clapping in the dark, as they sleep out in the open…too afraid to go into their homes due to aftershocks.