Newsday‘s Bob Greene Passes Away

bobgreene.jpgPulitzer Prize-winning Newsday reporter Bob Greene has passed away at the age of 78. Greene, who died after a long illness, won two Pulitzer Prizes at the newspaper — one in 1970 for an investigation of land scandals in Suffolk County and another in 1974 for a multi-part series entitled “The Heroin Trail” that tracked the drug’s distribution routes into the New York area.

The newspaper wrote a eulogy for the reporter:

“In later years, Big Daddy, who died yesterday, liked to tell journalism students that he’d fire anyone who did some of the things he’d done as a young reporter, when journalism was a far more rough-and-tumble enterprise, with much looser rules. But he also played a huge role in the creation of modern investigative journalism, exerted a gargantuan impact on the way this newspaper worked, and taught dozens of reporters how to do their jobs better — even though his all-out style sometimes made them want to punch him in the nose.”

Romenesko has Newsday‘s internal memo.