Retired New York Cop Banks on MegaBall$

The general consensus is that the median age of regular metropolitan daily newspaper readers is way up there. This Saturday, no doubt, each and every one of those Newsday demo-members will thoroughly enjoy deputy entertainment editor Daniel Bubbeo’s article “Retired Cop, 82, Still on a Beat He Loves: Showbiz.”

The piece – advance-posted online but behind a paywall – is all about Joe Cirillo, an NYPD vet who hung up his Upper West Side/20th Precinct badge in 1977 and found continued success as a card-carrying SAG actor, Kojak consultant and security expert. Now, at age 82, he’s a credited co-writer, co-director and producer on MegaBall$, an in-development fact-based tale about a bunch of MIT lottery crunchers. From the film website:

Newsday, a major NY newspaper and ranked 11th in the country, has done a profile on Oroloro [Entertainment] partner Joe Cirillo… with lots of talk about MegaBall$

This should raise our Internet presence many-fold, and show investors that this film has real potential. Newsday has a circulation of over 400,000 not counting online viewership. Tell your friends!

Done. To read more non-paywalled info about Cirillo, click here or here.