Newsday Bosses Get Bonuses After Workers Accept ‘Horrible’ Pay Cuts

Apparently some senior managers have received “generous wage increases and bonuses” barely a year after Newsday union employees voted to accept a contract that gave everybody a 5 or 10 percent wage cut, one that the union at the time called “horrible and unprecedented.”

It’s true: until 2010, Newsday employees had never had to take a pay cut. This one is saving the company $10 million over three years.

So when Mike LaSpina, who’s president of the union that represents Newsday journalists, caught wind that bosses had seen raises, he was a little miffed.

In his note, sent to HR and labor relations vice president Tim Martin and obtained by Romenesko, he writes:

It’s clear that the belt-tightening has paid off. Revenues must be stabilizing or increasing because of the generous bonuses and pay increases mentioned above. And though we did not receive the memorandum from you announcing the good news, we are sure that our sacrifices will be answered in the form of some financial relief from the agreed-upon cuts in salary that Newsday said were critical less than a year ago.

No response yet from Martin.