Newscorp Acquiring RockYou?

Yesterday, Valleywag posted about an anonymous tipster that said that RockYou is getting acquired by Myspace. This afternoon I was informed by another person (unrelated to the Valleywag post) that RockYou is being bought out for between $300 and $500 million, with earnouts that could push the $600 to $650 million range. I am working on a confirmation source right now but the fact that I received this from someone not associated with yesterday’s Valleywag post makes me think something will be announced soon.

I had previously suggested that Google or Microsoft should purchase RockYou or Slide to gain greater access to Facebook but it looks like Rupert Murdoch may be the fish that bites. From a strategic standpoint, acquiring RockYou or Slide will provide Newscorp with extremely valuable data that would help them from a competitive standpoint given that Newscorp owns MySpace. Rupert Murdoch is speaking at the Web 2.0 Summit tonight at 7PM (Pacific time) so perhaps it will be announced there. With my inability to break through the tight lipped MySpace in the past, I doubt I will be able to get any information prior to tonight.


I have talked to RockYou’s P.R. team and they said they have no knowledge of this and thought that these claims were ridiculous. RockYou is getting a lot of talk about acquisitions. YouTube’s press department flatly denied a Google acquisition prior to their acquisition announcement so who knows what will end up happening.