News360 for iPad Update First to Draw News Links from Google+

Flipboard started a great app trend where news is aggregated from a variety of sources including links of people you follow and, presumably, find interesting. These curated news sources come from the usual social network suspects: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and others. However, until now, “others” has not included Google+. To my knowledge, News360 for the iPad is the first to allow people to add links posted by people in their Google+ Circles as a curated news source. The app is available for free in the iTunes App Store. (iTunes App Store)

There is a bit of a trick to add Google+ as a link source. If you bypass creating a News360 account as I did after starting up the app, you can still do so at a later time. However, New360 has two places where settings can be configured. One is denoted by a gear icon in the upper right corner. It is named “Settings” and lets the user connect to Facebook, Twitter, Tripit, Evernote and other net services. It does not, however, provide a way to connect to Google Plus. In order to add Google+, I tapped the gear icon in the upper left corner next to My Interests. This let me create a New360 account which then gave me the ability to add and sync with my Google+ account.

Unfortuantely, News360 does not indicate which of the people you follow provided the link. So, there is no way to learn which of the people on your social networks or even which social network provides the most valuable curated links for you. This reduces the value of an otherwise interesting news curation app that is the only one currently drawing from Google+ Circles.