News Windows Phone Xbox LIVE Features & Games in the Queue

Windows Phone has the potential to be a great adjunct peripheral to Microsoft’s Xbox 360. Earlier this year, Microsoft demonstrated, but did not release, game play that combined an Xbox and a Windows Phone in real-time. There’s still no sign that this sort of game play is on its way. However, Microsoft is enhancing what is possible in game play for the upcoming Windows Phone “Mango” release.

New Xbox LIVE features, games on the way for Windows Phone (Windows Phone Blog)

New game play features include:

1. Avatar Awardables: Awards that, when unlocked, can be worn by a player’s Avatar. The Avatar displays these items on both the phone and on the Xbox.

2. Game Add-ons: In-app game purchases using Microsoft Points.

3. Parental Controls

4. Fast Async: This feature allows for turn-by-turn games played on multiple phones.

Microsoft also announced 14 new Xbox LIVE game titles for Windows Phone that will be released after Mango becomes available.

“Chickens Can’t Fly” will be one of the first games to feature Avatar Awardables. “Beards & Beaks: Cave Area” will have in-app purchases available. The Kinectimals game for Xbox with Kinect (motion play) is being ported to Windows Phone. However, Microsoft does not say if the mobile version of the game will interact with the Xbox 360 game.

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