News Site for Kids and Tweens Launches, a news site aimed at readers between the ages of seven and 13, officially launched today. The site started small in 2006 when founder and CEO Golnar Khosrowshahi started a site to help her explain the latest news events to her own children. In its public form, the site will offer real-time news on current events and other content of interest for this young audience.

The site has an advisory board comprised of educators, child psychologists, and others who will make recommendations about whether content is age-appropriate, how topics can be dealt with for this audience, and story recommendations. The goal is to cover things like the earthquake in Japan and the war in Afghanistan.

“GoGo helps children understand the news while also providing parents and educators with a platform to talk about the news effectively within a set of pre-screened parameters relevant to each story,” a statement from Khosrowshahi reads.  The site is also open to pitches from publicists and other news sources.