News Reporter Argues Stories About Rape Don’t Need Adjective ‘Brutal’

If the first post by 1010 WINS news reporter John Montone is any indication, this is going to be a fun weekly audio blog to keep checking back on.

You read that right. You can either read or listen to Radio Free Montone. To kick things off, he tees off on the click-bait and in other cases simply careless use of superfluous or inaccurate adjectives. Stuff like this week’s “startling” Tom Hanks health news and many outlets’ de facto description of a rape:

How about the word “brutal” used to describe a rape. Is that word really necessary? Can a woman be tenderly raped?

Montone says he has sworn not to use the word “shocking,” a pledge he has made only one exception for. Good stuff.

P.S. We did a quick search of FishbowlNY and to our relief, it appears that this blog’s current co-editors have avoided the descriptive mention of a “brutal rape.”