News Of The World’s Outplacement Service Is ‘Laughable’

In what seemed to be a nice gesture at first, News Corp provided a list of other open jobs at the company to the News of the World journalists who are losing their jobs in the wake of the paper’s closing.

The problem, reports the Guardian, was that many of the jobs are either non-editorial or require moving to Siberia.

According to a list provided to the Guardian, job postings included “TEMP: Stock Controller” for Fox in Italy, “Finance manager” for Fox in Russia, and a theatrical sales assistant (??) in Belgium.

Other postings included oil reporter for Dow Jones, a Russian-speaking “symbology analyst” or a “materials manager” for Fox in Siberia.

One disgruntled NotW employee noted that even the reporting jobs don’t seem to fit these reporters’ experience: “The idea that you would go from the News of the World to becoming an oil reporter for Dow Jones… is laughable.”

Only six of the jobs on the list are “directly comparable” to what the 150 NotW journalists were doing at their old paper: three jobs at the Sun and three at Fabulous magazine.

A News International spokesperson told the Guardian that every employee, in addition to the list, will be receiving a one-on-one consultation.