News of The World to Fold on Sunday

News of The World, currently embroiled in the phone tapping scandal that has rocked parent News Corp., is officially shutting down operations on Sunday. With more and more details emerging about the paper (a newer one: journalists paid off police officers) James Murdoch, the COO of News International, announced that it would shut down for good.

News of the World employs around 200 people, most of whom expressed shock when hearing Murdoch’s statement. And they should be shocked, this is a pretty remarkable thing – an entire paper folding because of a scandal. Below is a snippet of Murdoch’s statement to staffers.

This Sunday will be the last issue of the News of the World.

Colin Myler will edit the final edition of the paper.

In addition, I have decided that all of the News of the World’s revenue this weekend will go to good causes.

While we may never be able to make up for distress that has been caused, the right thing to do is for every penny of the circulation revenue we receive this weekend to go to organisations – many of whom are long-term friends and partners – that improve life in Britain and are devoted to treating others with dignity.

We will run no commercial advertisements this weekend. Any advertising space in this last edition will be donated to causes and charities that wish to expose their good works to our millions of readers.

These are strong measures. They are made humbly and out of respect. I am convinced they are the right thing to do.

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