Hollyscoop.com Gets Typoed

It’s a minor little thing, but FishbowlLA is amused.

A Guardian newspaper report about the 13th arrest in the News of the World hacking scandal praises the abilities of former Hollywood headquartered NOTW U.S. editor James Desborough to dig up deep, dirty secrets on A-list celebs. The credited source for this backhanded compliment? Hollyscope.com.

Doug Stanglin of USA Today has also run with the info stateside. Only problem is, there’s no such website. What the two papers meant to report was Hollyscoop.com.

Adding in this case to the wayward crediting is the fact that it was not really Hollyscope/scoop that praised Desborough but rather Canadian Ian Halperin, author of (among others) Brangelina: The Untold Story of Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie. Halperin told the website back in 2010 that unlike the above newspapers, Desborough “never gets his facts wrong.”

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