News International Misled Parliament About Phone Hacking

A News International lawyer said he knew that the company was lying to Parliament about its involvement with the phone-hacking scandal but that he kept quiet due to “client confidentiality,” the Guardian reports.

Julian Pike, a partner at Farrer & Co, told Parliament that it wasn’t just a “rogue reporter,” as News International had maintained, but that there was “a powerful case” that three other journalists were involved.

Pike also told MPs in the House of Commons that Farrer & Co. needed the personal approval of News Corp’s European division head James Murdoch to make any payments higher than £250,000. But the lawyers had to pay more than that to settle the first phone hacking case with a football union boss, London’s Independent reported.

This means that James Murdoch, who has previously claimed he didn’t know anything about the Taylor deal, may have had to personally sign off on the settlement check.

In other words: DRRAAAAMA!

Meanwhile, a majority of the laid-off News of the World journalists who lost their jobs when News International shuttered the paper have not yet found new jobs–even in Siberia.