News International Hacking Arrests Spread to the ‘Sun’

The company has launched a website to deal with its thousands of victims

Earlier today, London police made yet another arrest in connection with the News International phone hacking scandal, but this time it's not a former News of the World staffer who's in custody. According to Reuters, the 48-year-old News International employee arrested on suspicion of police bribery was Jamie Pyatt, a reporter with the News of the World’s sister tabloid, the Sun.

When the scandal first broke, News International and its parent company News Corp. maintained that the hacking was isolated to a single reporter within News of the World. As more arrests were made within the tabloid, the company admitted that the hacking might have been more widespread, but only affected that particular newspaper. These latest allegations directed at a Sun reporter could prove that the illegal activity was spread throughout News International.

A spokesman for the police also revealed today that nearly 5,800 people may have been targeted by the News of the World—or about 2,000 more people than had been previously estimated. News International said that it had launched a website for those thousands of hacking victims to submit their compensation claims, rather than have to go through the court system.