News from DC, on another front: Miers is out

Harriet Miers has withdrawn her nomination for the Supreme Court. Not a surprising move, really, though the timing is certainly in keeping with the nail-biting Washington watch going on these days. Now, of course, the way is paved for another SCOTUS nomination, one that will appease Bush’s Conservative base — but since the Dems hung back here and let the Conservatives duke it out over Miers, they haven’t yet played their Bork card. Well done, Dems (even if it wasn’t intentional because doing absolutely nothing is starting to come naturally). Upshot: interesting times ahead, for a change.

For the record, I have felt bad for Harriet Miers from the start of this whole debacle, since it was not she who held herself up as an acceptable Supreme Court nominee (well, okay, it may have been she because she was heading the search committe. But still). This move seemed to come clearly from Bush, with his rock-solid assurances to all sides (including, presumably, her) that it was the right move and would be serenly accepted. This poor woman had her reputation, her sexual (non) history, and her makeup application held up for criticism and ridicule — totally appropriate, considering the high office which was being sought on her behalf, but still, I couldn’t help getting the feeling that it was all more on her behalf than anything she would have set in motion yourself. But, this is just wanton speculation; and she did accept the nomination. So. In any case, though I sympathize with what must have been a stressful ordeal, I am glad she’s out. Of course, that begs the question of who they’ll put in. SCOTUS watchers, you’re on deck!

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