News From CrunchNetwork-Job Board Launched

Today has launched CrunchBoard – the most selfish project from the Crunch. And Michael Arrington is shameless enough to say that:

A good percentage of emails coming to me every day are from people asking me which companies are hiring, or from companies asking me if I know someone who would be a good fit for a job.
I keep a separate email folder with these emails and introduce people as often as possible. But this isn’t a scalable system, and I wanted to do more to match companies with people. So we built a job board and launched it today at Now these people can connect directly.



But if say seriously CrunchBoard can be very good site where establish contacts between people who are offering job and who are seeking for some work to do. As TechCrunch is writing about Web 2.0 projects I think this project can boost the Web 2.0 application development.
This job board, of course, is full of the RSS things – for all listings and each category as well. And, yes – charge – two hundred american presidents ($200) for thirty day ad.

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