News Corp to Acquire LinkedIn?

Eric Eldon has posted an update regarding a rumor that was written on the Techcrunch UK site last week. Apparently, News Corp is now in serious talks to acquire LinkedIn. Why on earth would they do this? Apparently the rationale is to integrate the professional social networking site with the Wall Street Journal. Whoa! This is seriously a genius move.

Additionally, integration into the Wall Street Journal site might be able to help fend off Facebook from becoming a serious center of social networking within the business community. Given that social networks are becoming the new distribution channel of media, LinkedIn and the Wall Street Journal are a perfect fit. Video and high quality news can be distributed directly through the social network. I have been highly critical of LinkedIn on my Facebook blog, but with a few upgrades LinkedIn could be revived.

Currently LinkedIn may only have 2 million active users a month compared to Facebook’s 25 million but LinkedIn members tend to be part of a select social group. They have higher incomes and are more educated just as the average Wall Street Journal reader. All I can say is that this is a genius move by News Corp if the rumors turn out to be true. I wonder what the acquisition price will be. Are you an active member of LinkedIn? Are you a reader of the Wall Street Journal?

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