News Corp. Tablet Daily Staffs Up

Rupert Murdoch’s not-so-secret tablet tabloid The Daily is wasting no time filling out its staff as it prepares for a December launch. Another new hire has trickled out: Benjamin Carlson, now executive editor of The Atlantic Wire, The Atlantic’s year-old opinion- and commentary-tracking site.
He’ll join a growing list of journalists that have been hired for the News Corp. project in recent weeks, including The New Yorker music critic Sasha Frere-Jones, Maxim deputy editor Chris Wilson, former Forbes opinion editor Elisabeth Eaves.
The staff is top-heavy with tabloid vets, though, including ex-New York Post m.e. Jesse Angelo, who was tapped to lead the staff; and New York Post Page Six’s Richard Johnson and Pete Picton, formerly of News Corp’s leading U.K. tab the Sun.
Murdoch only just publicly acknowledged the project, calling it his “most exciting project.” He’s said to be heavily involved with the operation, which is housed on a floor in News Corp.’s NYC headquarters.