News Corp. to Stop Paying Phone Hacker’s Legal Fees

Company decides to stop payments for Glenn Mulcaire

After Rupert Murdoch said in Tuesday’s Parliamentary hearing that he would be willing to stop paying legal fees for Glenn Mulcaire, the private investigator found guilty of phone hacking while employed by the News of the World in 2007, News Corp. announced Wednesday that it is putting an end to those payments. 

In a statement, the company said, “News Corporation’s Management and Standards Committee met this morning, and has decided to terminate any arrangement to pay the legal fees of Glenn Mulcaire with immediate effect.” News Corp. didn’t give any details about what the payment arrangements had been.

In Tuesday's hearing, James Murdoch said that he'd been “very surprised” to learn that News International was continuing to pay money to Mulcaire after he was convicted on the hacking charges, and both he and his father said they didn't know if their company was still paying Mulcaire's legal fees. When asked if he would order a halt to any continuing payments, Rupert Murdoch replied, “Provided that is not in breach of any contract, yes.”