News. Corp Adds To PR Team As Scandal Continues To Spread

News Corp.’s PR response continues with the addition of Steven Rubenstein to the public relations effort. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Rubenstein was brought on board in the middle of last week. He’s known for his work with celebrities like Robert De Niro and David Letterman, who he worked with after the talk show host had been blackmailed over adulterous relationships with co-workers. And Rubenstein already works with a News Corp. property, The New York Post.

It was announced last week that News Corp. had hired Edelman for help with the scandal. On The Daily Beast, Howard Kurtz also suspects that Matthew Freud, who’s married to Murdoch’s daughter Elisabeth, may also be providing PR advice, although, Freud has said he no longer works with the company.

The scandal continues to produce an unrelenting stream of shocking news impacting not just News Corp. itself, but also those who have any degree of association with the company.

After resigning last week, Rebekah Brooks was arrested over the weekend, though she has been released on bail. Metropolitan Police Authority Assistant Commissioner John Yates has resigned, the second police official to do so. Both have denied any involvement with bribes tied to the scandal.

Over the weekend, Richard Sambrook, who had been hired by Edelman last year, took to Twitter to respond to a blogger who questioned whether the former director of news at the BBC was involved in News Corp.’s response. (The Guardian also posed the question here.)






And with Congress turning an eye towards an investigation here in the U.S. and the resignation of Dow Jones head Les Hinton, The Wall Street Journal has published a fiery editorial defending itself against “the commercial and ideological motives of our competitor-critics.” Of course, now others across the media are firing back.

And while we’re on the topic of misguided News Corp. defenses, we got a link to some craziness from a helpful tipster. The Dilenschneider Group’s founder Robert Dilenschneiderappeared on Fox & Friends last Friday to address the real problem in all of this — that big companies keep getting hacked. Are companies like Citigroup getting the same level of attention after being hacked? Dilenschneider wonders aloud. Well, no, but News Corp. is accused of doing the hacking. See that difference there?

“For some reason, the public, the media, keeps going over this again and again,” he says, to which Fox & Friends’ Steve Doocy adds in an effort to protect his own, “the piling on.”

Seriously lame.

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