News Corp., Republic of Turkey Ramp Up Times Square Presence

newscorp07132010.jpgIt’s a big day for Times Square digital displays, the giant glowing signage that stops tourists in their tracks and many New Yorkers pass by without so much as a mental acknowledgment. Media behemoth News Corp., in partnership with Sony, is programming a 35′ by 40′ LED display at Broadway and West 43rd St. Capitalizing on the new display, the Republic of Turkey plans to run ads on the enormous screen, showing 16,000 commercials over eight weeks (that’s 2,000 commercials a week!). Turkey’s ads will also be shown on New Year’s Eve, the country proudly proclaims.

turkey.jpgFor its part, News Corp.’s Fox Sports will show tonight’s Major League Baseball All Star Game on the enormous display, starting at 8 p.m. In the future, the display will also show movie trailers, newscasts and commercials, and also this, from the News Corp. – Sony press release:

Visitors could also compete against each other in a real-time PlayStation 3 game, broadcast live to the screen, or see themselves displayed live in larger-than-life, high-definition video.

New York pedestrians first began ignoring the sign on July 8, when it made its display debut.