News Corp. Pairs With Sony To Debut Digital New York Post

nypost1218.jpgAfter all the recent rumors of Rupert Murdoch’s talks with Microsoft over an exclusive search engine deal, the newest agreement announced by Murdoch’s News Corp. is actually with Sony.

News Corp.-owned Wall Street Journal reported today that the company has entered into an agreement with Sony to provide an exclusive digital version of the New York Post through the tech company’s e-readers. Digital versions of the Journal, as well as a news summary from the paper and News Corp.-owned, will also be available for subscription by Sony e-reader users.

The Journal‘s news summary will cost $5 a month in addition to the $14.99 monthly fee for the digital version of the paper. The digital version of the paper is also available for the Amazon’s Kindle, but News Corp. execs told the Journal that Sony was offering “more favorable” financial terms than Amazon, which takes about 70 percent of subscription revenue.

The summary will cost subscribers $10.99 a month while the Post‘s digital version will be available for $9.99 monthly.

Newspaper publishers have looked to the Kindle as a way to save the industry, since e-reader owners are actually willing to pay for news. But it was only a matter of time before someone came along to challenge Amazon’s current hold on the market with a better product for reading newspapers. With better financial incentives for publishers and an updated device that offers new features like a touch screen, Sony looks to be giving Amazon a run for its money.

Sony E-Reader To Offer Journal SubscriptionsWall Street Journal

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