News Briefly March 12, 2008

Rupert Murdoch met with WSJ staff:

In his first visit to the Wall Street Journal’s D.C. bureau, Rupert Murdoch told staffers Friday that he would put more resources into Washington coverage and take on the New York Times, while reassuring them that he is not a “conservative” pushing an agenda in the news pages.

These aren’t the droids you’re looking for. You can go about your business. Move along.

LAT’s, parent company Tribune hires Lee Abrams as chief innovation officer. Abrams is replacing – no one.

Dawn Wells, best known as Mary Ann on “Gilligan’s Island,” gets six months probation in Idaho after being caught with marijuana in her car. We heard that stuff works great on…ahem…sea sickness. Sorry, couldn’t resist. Wells understands. Not being able to resist…

Speaking of which, we can’t figure out why the following story is actually considered ‘news’ by the LA Daily:

Mindy Cohn long ago faced this fact of life: Some people will always think of her as Natalie Green.

But since “The Facts of Life” ended its nine-year run back in 1988, the 41-year-old Cohn has continued to make a living as a working actress and still dreams of bigger and better roles.

Actresses looking for work? In LA? Wow.

There is a circulation drop for all major newspapers.
From E&P:

The Los Angles Times lost 20% of daily circulation or more than 200,000 copies over the past four years, for example, while up the coast the San Francisco Chronicle‘s daily circulation dropped almost 30%.

They should find an innovation officer!